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Jane Austen’s Characters: Mansfield Park

Jane Austen’s Characters: Mansfield Park

Miss Fanny Price is the cousin to Edmund, niece to Sir Thomas Bertram and Lady Bertram. As the heroine of the novel, she represents what is right, even under duress. Mistreated and humiliated by her cousins she never complains, nor does she deviate from her moral stand when accused of ingratitude by her uncle.

Mr. Edmund Bertram is the second son of Sir Thomas Bertram who is determined on entering the clergy. Being a second born, he isn’t expected to inherit anything but to make his own way in the world. Despite the fact that he is aware that mounting a play isn’t the proper thing to do, he yields and participates in it.

Miss Mary Crawford is the sister of Henry Crawford and Mrs. Grant who is the wife of the second parson at Mansfield.

Mr. Henry Crawford is the brother of Mary Crawford and Mrs. Grant. Much like Tom Bertram he leads a life of privilege. Though cold and noncommittal he pursues Fanny relentlessly, realizing that to win her he’d have to change his ways.

Sir Thomas Bertram is Fanny’s wealthy uncle and guardian.

Lady Bertram is Fanny’s aunt from her mother’s side.

Mr. Tom Bertram is the oldest son and the heir of Sir and Lady Bertram, brother of Edmund. As the heir he isn’t expected to work but to administer the vast holdings of the estate. In contrast to his younger brother, Edmund, he has a misplaced sense of morals.

Miss Maria Bertram is the eldest daughter of Sir and Lady Bertram, sister of Edmund, and fiancée of Mr. Rushworth. Status and a sense of entitlement motivate her rather than love.

Miss Julia Bertram is the youngest daughter of Sir and Lady Bertram, sister of Edmund.

Mrs. Norris is Fanny's aunt from her mother's side, wife of the first parson at Mansfield Parsonage.

Mr. William Price is Fanny's brother.

Miss Susan Price is Fanny's younger sister.

Mr. Rushworth is the wealthy fiancé of Maria. His vast fortune and his estate, Sotherton, tempt Maria Bertram to his side.

Mr. Yates is the friend of Tom Bertram.